Dear Divers! Welcome to Punta Rusia!

Punta Rusia has more then 50 Kilometers of reef habitat with over 60 species of corals and sponges including their rich and unique ecosystems.

Scuba Divers and snorkelers enjoy the clear, warm waters of the Natinal Park of Monte Cristi with its marine preserve at Cayo Arena coral atoll. Also you'll find a lot of diverse other dive sites with coral hills or drop offs.

We offer excursions for divers and those who wish to experience this beatiful sport the first time this wonderful underwater world. Any family or friends of divers can come along and enjoy snorkeling at the dive sites.

Our dive sites are completely different and everyone from beginners to professionals can find their prefered places. The reefs usually start at the surface and extend normally to a depth between 5 and 20 meters and in exceptional cases up to a maximum depth of 40 meters. Advanced divers can explore even deeper reefs and steep slopes with small cavern inside.


Please ask for your individual price or group prices. We offer day excursions or  packages for your whole vacations, just contact us! We don't make Scuba licences here in Corales but everybody who is interested can make with us a resort course to find out how fantastic the underwater world is.


Hi divers! Some new impressions and descriptions of our dive spots made from a experiend Scuba dive instructor Marlies Wolters while she was visiting Dominican Republic. She have her own professional dive Blog with description of Scuba dive spots world wide. Here you can visit her Blog directly.

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